Fully insured herbalist and shamanic healer.

Studying the energetic and therapeutic effects of herbs since winter, 2002, I approach my practice holistically and in alignment with Otherworld consciousness. Herbs are medicine for all of who you are - body, mind, and spirit.

I fully utilise modern knowledge and the chemistry of herbs and flowers; but my philosophy is shamanic, and I also work with plant energetics and connect with the spirits of these magical and living beings as I simultaneously connect with you. We work energetically, intuitively, acknowledging your emotions, rebalancing the five elements within you, and bringing into the equation apects of western medical astrology to find the right herbal and flower combination for your needs. A herbal consultation is also a counselling and life coaching session so we can treat you holistically. All of my clients are aware of the energetic-emotional connection (and often the ancestral lineage connection) to physical well being and want to work spiritually, connecting with their spirit guides and helpers on the other side alongside the healing properties of the herbs.

I have a small circle of beautiful souls I serve as a herbalist, often along with shamanic healing and spiritual counselling, all of whom understand the ways in which I work. I only see people face-to-face as a herbal healer because that is the best way for me to work intricately on all levels. There is a waiting list for new clients, so if you are interested in speaking to me about how I can help you with herbs, please email me all your queries. Thank you. 

Mahonia berries growing in the garden. A more tarte cousin of the blueberry, they can also be eaten in small amounts and are rich in vitamin C. Use a few of the seeds to grow your own Mahonia - a hardy evergreen shrub that energetically (and physically with its prickly leaves) does an amazing job of protecting your boundaries.



Alcohol based tinctures and plant infusions are my preferred methods of giving herbal medicine. I give enough to last one month and then check in again with you, altering the herbs if necessary. Sometimes we need to check in with each other weekly or bi-weekly, especially for acute or sudden conditions that change rapidly. I am always in contact with my clients during these weeks. A full medical history form needs to be filled out prior to your consultation. 

Flower Essences

Flower essences are a great rebalancer of emotions, and when the emotional body is harmonised, physical symptoms also often ease. They are safe for all ages and conditions and can also be applied topically. I offer Bach Flower Remedy consultations as well as Indigo Essences consultations, or general vibrational essence consults using my own range of flower, crystal, and angelic essences. The popular Michael's Sword Spray is also available for sale below.

Magical Herbalism

There is a long and rich history around the world of using herbs magically for several purposes, including ritual and ceremony. The bay laurel, symbolising strength and victory, is just one example. Much of this knowledge has been preserved by word of mouth in stories and in fairy tales for centuries and longer. The Ancient Greeks and Egyptians also recorded much of this knowledge. Occasionally, I work with herbs in this way for some of my shamanic-focused clients; please inquire if interested.

Most people who see me for herbs are not on conventional medication. If you are on medication, some herbs can be used and some cannot; it would depend on your own personal medical history and sensitivities. In some case, I am more likely to walk you through using herbs spiritually and in ceremony, and through drop dosing methods, so there is no interference with your medication; or to offer flower essences instead.

Please note, I am also insured to use homoeopathy under supervision and will suggest certain remedies if appropriate. It often works alongside herbalism beautifully. 


Herbal consultations can range from 2 hours to just 30 minutes, or even a 10 minute phone call for quick alterations. Flower essence therapy is charged per consultation. For herbal medicine, I charge per month, not per session, because this level of (often physical) healing takes time and dedication - especially with long-standing illnesses - and this allows me a more flexible way to work without limiting myself or the herbs I use, or the regular and consistent support many of my clients need. My monthly charge includes all consultations and any tweaks needed within that time frame, your herbal remedies, any essences, and I am available to email and text for the duration of that month.

Herbal Medicine (inc. essences and/or homoeopathy if suitable):

£150 per month - all inclusive. Only suitable for in-person sessions, not available online.

Flower Essence consultations only (no herbs):

Online sessions are also available for those who live anywhere in the United Kingdom. These prices include delivery to UK addresses.

Read more about the flower essence consultation.


Yearly Subscription

This gives you all-access to ALL sessions including flower essences, as and when you need it: £1500 per year (charged annually) - only suitable for in-person sessions, not available online.

These are the up-to-date prices and supersede any fees stated elsewhere online.

Please use the email button at the top of this website for queries, or to book your in-person session.

Michael's Sword Spray

Created to cleanse, rebalance, and re-energise the aura or energetic field of a person or environment.

Sprays are sold in 50ml and/or 100ml glass bottles, and the chosen vibrational essences are preserved in a solution of water, vodka, and pure essential oils.


Michael's Sword Auric Spray - An energetically purifying and protective room and auric spray, that also holds the space for deep transformation to take place in a gentle, loving way. Perfect for cleansing sacred space before and after individual and group work, or for use anywhere energies feel troubled or stagnant.

Created with the vibrations of Rose Quartz and Quantum Quattro, KUTA-0 Essence, KUTA-1 Essence, and the energies of Archangel Michael. Finished with the pure essential oils of Rose, Lemon, Patchouli, and Benzoin.

Directions: spray around the auric body, or the room, as and when needed. (Do not ingest or spray near eyes.)

There are no contraindications - vibrational essence sprays support the emotions and the spirit, and are safe for everyone.

Due to various legislations, this item is ONLY sent within the U.K. (sorry!) 

This is a well being product, and is not intended to replace medical or psychological advice. 

50ml bottle - £14.95

100ml bottle - 18.95

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