"I have a long-term health condition which had got worse since the beginning of this year. I tried flower remedies from Kia Ora, and after three weeks I'm happy to say that I feel much better, and I've also had insights about the causes of my symptoms. It takes a lot of sensitivity and intuition to prescribe these remedies effectively. I know that from having taken a similar remedy once before, many years ago. I would recommend Dianna's treatments."

Linda L Hilborne, Oct 2019 (Review left on FreeIndex) 

(A lovely testimonial from J.L. in Hampshire about my own range of essences.) 

"Each time I step through the door to Kia Ora Lounge I feel a deep peace, as if I am being welcomed back home. Dianna's consultations are invaluable, her herbal products are the highest quality and her knowledge, wisdom, empathy, compassion and desire to help and heal are unparalleled. I can't recommend Dianna more highly."

Katy Sandberg, Feb 2022 (Review left on FreeIndex)