Nowadays, I only offer shamanic therapies by request, or, more often than not, they are integrated into your herbal or flower essence consultation if suited. This includes shamanic healing and shamanic guidance. Shamanic healing is a very broad term; I tend to use shamanic methods  (which include drumming, dreaming, ritual, and magical herbalism) for ancestral and karmic healing, cleansing and protection work, and inner-child / childhood trauma healing. And yes - when working with spiritual beings. Shamanistic practices are NOT a quick fix and the consultations (talking) are just as important as any ritual or energy work.

Because it's so involved, I always confer with Spirit as to whether shamanic methods are suitable for each client who requests it.

Munay-Ki rites can also be requested (this is time dependent and given over 5 or 9 months if I have availability).